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Ira Desanko Hudson

(1873 to 1949)

Ira D. Hudson was born in Maryland and "grew up" in Delaware - the son of Ananias & Mary Ann Hudson - and later moved to Chincoteague, VA in the late 1800's.  

Following in the footsteps of his father - he began his trade as a carpenter - building boats, decoys, shorebirds and geese.  It is estimated he carved 60,000+ ducks in his lifetime.



1890 deadrise bateau by Ira D. Hudson.  Decoys on stern of boat by Ira D. Hudson.

He was a man who trusted everyone (mattered not the race, creed or color). His motto - Do as you would like to be done by.

For his work he charged a modest $4.00 per dozen including weights.  Today his decoys are priceless and sought after by collectors.

The talent of Ira Hudson lives on in his grandchildren.  Lloyd "Bob" Hudson is a carver in his own right, and his brother, Ira C. Hudson, the namesake.




Norman Hudson

2nd Generation - (1898 to 1980)

Norman Hudson was one of (9) children born to Ira and Eva Hudson 1898 Chincoteague, VA.

His brothers and sisters collected driftwood at Assateague Island to make decoys while Norman devoted his time carving and painting decoys.

His father was well known for his boat building known as "The Chincoteague Scow", Norman soon became an expert.

In 1936 he opened his own shop in Ocean City, MD and after 40 years as a boat builder he followed in his father's footsteps carving ducks, geese & swan.

His decoys were made to fool ducks - he also carved ducks to fool people.  He carved them all to suit himself.  He died in 1980, but his work lives on.


Black duck, red-breasted merganser, mallard and pintail by Norman Hudson, estimated 1950.



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