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Lloyd "Bob" Hudson

3rd Generation - (born 1927)




Bob with three generations of carvings - right hand by Ira, left hand by Norman and center are his own work.


Bob was born on Chincoteague VA in 1927. He is one of (9) children born to Lloyd J. & Elsie Hudson.

Bob spent many hours watching his grandfather carve hundreds of ducks, but never took an interest then.

Many, many years ago Bob felt the urge to follow in the Hudson family footsteps and devotes most of his time carving wildlife.

He is a veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Bob retired from the USAF in 1966. For the next 20 years he was an Executive Chef and is a member of the Academy of Chefs.

His goal in life is to perpetuate the name of Hudson as an advancement to the art of carving - looking close you may see some of Norman and Ira Hudson in his works.


My Workshop

This is my workshop - ah...the smell of pine and the oil paints I use.  That is what my grandfather used, and they have stood the test of time.  


This is my chopping block where it all takes place.  Look above the chair...a life size canada goose is taking shape.  Oh by the way, the goose is done.




Painting section of my workshop - this is where I dress them up.


Life Member, member of the Academy De. Chefs for thirty plus years.




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