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Our Branson Trip on a Motor Coach

I'm really not a poet

but today I would like to say

thank God, I had the pleasure

meeting new friends along the way.


We started our mini vacation

on a bus I recall

only to find out later, it was a coach

and not a bus at all.


When they said "you're no longer on the bus"

my first thought, oh dear I'm lost

each time I mentioned the word "bus"

10 cents to me - it would cost.


I never heard so much laughter

old habits - so hard to break

just trying to stay away from that dirty word

really kept us all awake.


Well after (5) days - it was enough

we all had paid our dues

the money was spent on lunches

so my friends - you didn't lose.


Let us thank our Lord Jesus

for his guidance from above

we could also feel His mighty presence

as we shared fellowship and love.

Written by:  Lloyd "Bob" Hudson





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