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An Old Mandolin

It was just an old mandolin

that was all tattered and torn

the parts and pieces were broken

like it's master - aged and worn.

It has nothing to be ashamed of now

because it cannot play

perhaps some tender loving care

will again show it the way.

It was given to a friend of mine

Curley is his nickname

with hands that have mastered music

he worked on the old mandolin.

The pieces were put together

old strings were replaced with new

one day he gave me this old mandolin

and said "see what you can do".

I hope someday thru the music

I will have people laugh and dance

that's what I really like to do

this old mandolin might give me that chance.

Written by:  Lloyd "Bob" Hudson



As Time Goes By

Well I learned to play the ole mandolin my friend Curley gave to me.

I learned chords, notes and bluegrass songs but it's sweet music was not meant to be.

Only thru the gift of it's maestro Curley would it send out it's beautiful sound.

He would talk to the strings as he played them, knowing soon it would not be around.

Time has a way of moving on, generations will fade away.

 But his music and caring friendship, in memory, I cherish each new day.

Now the ole mandolin is fading fast, parts broken beyond repair.

It's master is no longer with us to give it tender loving care.

The strings are very silent now as it hangs upon my wall.

When I am asked about it - good memories I recall.

Oh.  Don't feel sorry for this ole mandolin because you did not know it's past.

Now it belongs to the ages, to me it's music will forever last.


Written by:  Lloyd "Bob" Hudson




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