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My Pride

The Beautiful Land Across The Water

I was born and raised on GIN-KO-TIG,

an island by the sea.

Beautiful land across the waters

and home of the Cherokee.


They lived in peace with the Ginkotigs,

a proud people strong and free.

My roots go back in spans of time,

and I am part of the family tree.


The island was milk and honey

before time took it away.

Gone from the island the Cherokee

it brings sadness of that terrible day.


I remember so well the ocean sound

that was sweet music to my ear.

I'll never forget fond memories

in my heart I hold so dear.


The sands of time have washed away

the hurt I had inside.

My thoughts are a gift of yesterday,

my roots to pride.


Written by:  Lloyd "Bob" Hudson


                  Native American Ancestry




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